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“Experience the Ultimate Cold Plunge Therapy in Singapore at 10 Degrees

Cold plunge experience singapore
Cold plunge experience singapore

“Experience the Ultimate Cold Plunge Therapy in Singapore with 10 Degrees: Unlock the Secrets of Accelerated Recovery, Revitalised Wellness, & a Refreshing Respite from the Urban Heat. Dive into a World of Cool Tranquility & Explore the Multifaceted health Benefits of Cold Plunge Experiences, from recovery of muscles, to improved immune function. Join Us to Transform Your Health & Wellbeing Through the Proven Power of Cold Therapy!”

Ice Bath

ice bath sore muscles relieving tension & improving performance

“Ice baths, alternatively recognised as cold-water immersion, have a rich history, being utilised by ancient civilisations like the Romans & Egyptians for hydrotherapy purposes. In our contemporary era, this frosty ritual has been heartily embraced by athletes, celebrities, & wellness aficionados across the world. A plethora of renowned personalities, including Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kobe Bryant, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Hemsworth, & Margot Robbie, have not only indulged in but also vocally championed the myriad advantages of ice baths. These celebrities attribute facets of their physical vitality & mental acuity to this brisk practice, amplifying the allure & advocacy of ice baths in global wellness circles.”

Key Health Benefits:

Revitalised Wellbeing: Experience a surge in overall wellness as the icy waters work to alleviate inflammation, promoting swift post-workout recuperation.

  • Optimised Blood Flow: Engage in a practice that fortifies your vascular system, ensuring a robust flow of nourishing blood to crucial organs.
  • Fortified Immune system: Engage in a regimen of consistent ice baths to bolster your immune system, amplifying the mobilisation of white blood cells.
  • Sharpened Mental Acuity: Navigate through the initial icy shock to uncover heightened mental sharpness & gradually build mental fortitude.
  • Enhanced Rest: Discover the tranquillity that follows an ice bath, potentially augmenting the quality of your sleep through bodily relaxation, helping reduced inflammation & recovery.
  • Vibrant Skin & Hair: Revel in the benefits of constricted pores & cuticles, fostering a radiant complexion & lustrous hair.
  • Elevated Mood: Allow the intense cold to trigger a surge of endorphins, often dubbed the ‘feel-good hormone’, uplifting your spirits.

Immerse into the rejuvenating world of ice baths & explore a cascade of benefits that extend beyond mere physical wellness, into realms of mental clarity, emotional balance, & a revitalised spirit.

Your First Cold plunge

cold plunges, extreme cold improve athletic performance & many benefits

Taking that initial step into your first cold plunge can be a moment enveloped with a myriad of emotions, where anticipation intertwines with a natural apprehension towards the icy embrace of the water. The first cold plunge is often a dance between the mind and body, where the initial shock of the cold is met with a mental dialogue that encourages perseverance through the initial discomfort. It’s completely normal to harbour a fear or resistance towards cold water immersion. The chill, the shiver, and the instinctual desire to retreat from the cold are all common responses that are deeply rooted in our natural aversion to discomfort. But herein lies the transformative power of the cold plunge – it’s an invitation to step beyond our comfort zones, to embrace the chill, and to find warmth and vitality in the seemingly paradoxical.


Common Fears & Challenges with Ice Baths:

  • Initial Shock: The first moment of immersion can be startling and intense.
  • Physical Discomfort: The cold can bring about sensations of prickling or numbness.
  • Mental Resistance: The mind may instinctively resist the initial discomfort.
  • Duration of Immersion: Fear of staying in the cold for an extended period.
  • Safety Concerns: Worries about the potential risks of cold exposure.
  • Doubt in Benefits: Skepticism towards the actual benefits of the practice.

Suggested Approaches to Overcome Challenges:

  • Gradual Exposure: Begin with shorter durations and gradually increase as comfort grows.
  • Breathing Techniques: Employ calming and stabilising breathing methods.
  • Mindfulness: Embrace the sensations without judgment, being present in the experience.
  • Educate Yourself: Understand the science and benefits behind cold exposure.
  • Safety First: Ensure that each session is conducted safely, adhering to guidelines.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: Engage with experts to navigate through the process effectively.

Why not allow yourself to explore this journey with the support and guidance of professionals? At 10° studio, we’re not just facilitators; we’re your companions in this journey towards enhanced wellness through cold exposure. Let us navigate you through the initial waves of resistance, guiding you gently towards the myriad of benefits that await beneath the surface of the cold plunge. Your journey through the cold will be meticulously guided, ensuring safety, comfort, and a maximisation of the potential benefits. So, take the plunge with us, and let’s dive into a world of revitalised wellness and vitality together.

The only studio dedicated to ice bath in Singapore

Improve athletic performance with cold plunge reduced inflammation & recovery from training

Going on a journey with 10° studio, the only studio in Singapore devoted entirely to the art and science of ice baths, is not merely an exploration of cold exposure but a heartfelt invitation into a sanctuary where wellness permeates through every chilly droplet of water. Our dedication to providing an unparalleled ice bath experience is not just embedded in our practices but is the essence of our ethos, where every individual is welcomed, supported, and guided with genuine care and expertise. We understand that the journey through the cold is as much an internal exploration as it is a physical experience, and thus, we’ve cultivated a space where your wellness journey is honoured, respected, and nurtured with utmost sincerity.

Advantages of Experiencing Ice Baths with Us:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of skilled facilitators provides insightful and supportive guidance throughout your cold exposure journey.
  • Safety Assurance: Your safety is our paramount concern, ensuring all sessions are conducted adhering to the highest safety protocols.
  • Holistic Approach: We embrace a comprehensive perspective on wellness, integrating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects into your ice bath experience.
  • Supportive Community: Become part of a community where experiences, stories, and journeys through the cold are shared and celebrated.
  • Tailored Experiences: Your ice bath sessions are customised to your comfort, goals, and progression, ensuring each plunge is meaningful.
  • Premium Facilities: Immerse yourself in an environment where every detail, from water quality to ambiance, is meticulously curated for optimal experiences.
  • Educational Insights: Gain deeper understandings of the science and methodology behind cold exposure, enhancing your overall experience.
  • Convenient Accessibility: Located strategically, our studio provides easy accessibility, ensuring your journey with us is seamless and hassle-free.
  • Continuous Support: Beyond the baths, we provide ongoing support and resources to aid your wellness journey outside our studio.
  • Innovative Techniques: Be at the forefront of exploring innovative and effective cold exposure practices with us.

At 10°, we don’t just facilitate ice baths; we forge a path towards enhanced wellness, where every plunge is a step towards revitalised well-being. Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our studio, reaching into the very essence of your journey through the cold. We are not merely a studio; we are a haven where your wellness is cherished, your journey celebrated, and your experiences enriched with genuine care, expertise, and heartfelt warmth. Dive into a world where the cold becomes a warm embrace of vitality, only at 10°.

Why Your Visit to 10° Studio is Beneficial:

Exclusive Focus: Being the only studio in Singapore dedicated to cold water immersion, our methods, facilities, and expertise are sharply focused on providing an unparalleled cold plunge experience.

Expert-Led Workshops: Engage in workshops led by industry experts, providing deeper insights into the science and methodology behind effective ice baths.

Community Building: Become part of a like-minded community where experiences are shared, and supportive relationships are built, enhancing your wellness journey.

Event Participation: Gain exclusive access to events and sessions that are uniquely tailored to our members, providing varied and enriching experiences.

Holistic Wellness Approach: Our offerings extend beyond ice baths, integrating it with other wellness practices to provide a comprehensive wellness journey.

Premium Facilities: Enjoy access to our premium facilities, ensuring your experience is not only beneficial but also supremely comfortable and luxurious.

Personalised Plans: Our experts can help curate personalised cold plunge plans, aligning sessions with your specific wellness goals and needs.

Convenient Scheduling: With a user-friendly booking system, schedule your sessions at times that seamlessly fit into your routine.

Continuous Support: Receive ongoing support and guidance from our team, ensuring your journey is consistently aligned with your evolving wellness objectives.

Innovative Approaches: Be at the forefront of innovative cold water immersion practices and techniques, as we continuously evolve our offerings.

Embark on a journey where the cold becomes your warm ally in wellness, only at 10° studio.

Book Your Ice Bath Session in Singapore today!

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  • Secure your session at 10° today and immerse yourself in a transformative wellness journey through our dedicated ice bath experiences. As more individuals discover the myriad of benefits offered through cold exposure, our slots are swiftly being embraced by those eager to explore, rejuvenate, and revitalise. Don’t miss your opportunity to plunge into a world where the chill of the water becomes a warm invitation to enhanced well-being, mental clarity, and physical vitality. With an increasing number of people joining us to unlock the secrets of the cold, your path to revitalised wellness is just a booking away. Dive in with us & let the cold guide you to a world of serene vitality and invigorating wellness, only at 10°.

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