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Immersing oneself in the world of cold therapy through ice bath classes is an exhilarating…

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Immersing oneself in the world of cold therapy through ice bath classes is an exhilarating journey that’s not for the faint-hearted. Here at our specialised studio in Singapore, we control a plethora of factors, from atmospheric temperature to the temperature of both the cold shower and the ice bath itself. While you have the freedom to wear practically anything, we strongly advise that you kit yourself out as though you’re heading for a swim. Why? Because the clothes you wear can influence how quickly your body can eliminate water post-bath, thereby affecting the risk of hypothermia.

Swimwear – Your First Choice

Regardless of your preferred attire, we recommend you opt for swimwear. Whether that’s a one-piece, swimming shorts or a bikini is up to you. Here are a few reasons why swimwear is your best bet:

Quick Drying

Unlike conventional clothing, swimwear is designed to dry swiftly. This is particularly important when participating in ice bath or cold water immersion therapy, as the rate at which your clothing dries can considerably influence your body temperature after the bath. The quicker your clothes dry, the sooner your body can begin to regain warmth, reducing the risk of becoming excessively cold(especially if it’s your first ice bath).

Reduced Hypothermia Risk

Normal clothes can hold water, and when combined with a cold atmosphere, this can dramatically decrease your body temperature, wet clothes thereby can increase the likelihood of hypothermia. However, swimwear is made from materials that don’t hold water, meaning they won’t keep you cold for longer than necessary.

Attire to Avoid

It’s equally as important to consider what not to wear to your ice bath classes. Clothing that retains water or doesn’t dry quickly can be problematic. This includes cotton t-shirts, denim, and sweatpants. Layered clothing is also inadvisable as it can trap cold water close to your skin, exacerbating the risk of hypothermia. While our immediate thought is to wear clothing that heats us up, it can add on to just what you may need to consider to avoid for cold water therapy.


Consider wearing water shoes or sandals to protect your feet from the icy tub floor. These not only offer comfort but can also reduce the risk of slipping. This applies especially true when you take an ice bath in an uncontrolled environment.

Towels and Robes

While we don’t have robes, we do provide the best & plushest towels to assist in drying up faster after the ice bath class. This can help with having to go through less mental trauma for participants


Some find wearing a woolly or thermal hat helps maintain body warmth during the ice bath.

In conclusion, while our Singapore-based specialised studio allows for a wide range of attire choices during ice bath classes, we advise you to dress as though you’re off for a swim. This will help ensure your safety, enhance your comfort, and assist your body in warming up promptly after your bracing plunge into the ice bath. Prepare wisely, dress appropriately, and embrace the chill!

Ice baths: Natural Environments vs Controlled Studios

ice cold water therapy reduce stress & better mood

Ice bath therapy, a form of cold therapy, has surged in popularity due to its potential benefits such as improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased mental resilience. People embark on this icy journey in various settings, from natural environments like frozen lakes or rivers to controlled conditions offered by specialised studios. However, each setting comes with its own unique challenges and safety concerns, particularly when it comes to the clothing you choose to wear during your chilly plunge.

Ice Baths in Nature: The Call of the Wild

Braving the cold in a natural environment such as an icy lake or river provides an authentic, raw, and invigorating experience. The crisp air, the tranquillity, and the invigorating shock of the cold water is a sensory experience like no other.

Specialised Clothing for Outdoor Ice Baths

Dressing appropriately for outdoor ice baths is crucial for safety and comfort. The primary goal is to protect your body from hypothermia and other cold-related complications. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Thermal Swimwear: This is swimwear made from neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber that provides excellent insulation. It will keep your body warm, even when submerged in freezing water.
  2. Gloves and Booties: Neoprene gloves and booties protect your extremities, which are usually the first to feel the effects of the cold.
  3. Dry robe or Thermal Blanket: A dry robe or thermal blanket can be crucial post-bath. The dry robe, a type of robe with thermal insulation, will help to quickly warm up and dry your body, minimising the risk of post-bath hypothermia.
  4. Headwear: Wearing a woolly or thermal hat can help to maintain your body warmth during the bath.

However, outdoor ice baths come with risks and uncertainties. The weather conditions can be unpredictable, and the temperature of the water isn’t precisely controllable. Plus, the lack of nearby facilities can make warming up post-bath more challenging.

Ice Bath Therapy in Controlled Studios: A Safe and Convenient Alternative

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In contrast to the unpredictable nature of outdoor ice baths, controlled studios offer a safer, more convenient option. Here in our specialised studio in Singapore, we manage numerous elements to ensure your ice bath is as beneficial and as safe as possible. We regulate the atmospheric temperature, the water temperature, and we also provide facilities for warming up afterwards.

Clothing for Studio Ice Baths

When it comes to clothing for ice bath classes in a controlled studio, it’s all about comfort and practicality. Given that the surrounding temperature is controlled, the primary focus shifts from survival to ease and comfort:

  1. Standard Swimwear: As the environmental factors are under control, regular swimwear suffices. You do not need thermal swimwear in a controlled studio.
  2. Towels and Robes: Studios will typically have facilities where you can quickly dry off and change after your ice bath. Bring a towel and a robe to help speed up this process.
  3. Footwear and Headwear: While not as essential in a controlled studio, some people may still prefer to use water shoes or sandals for added comfort, and a woolly or thermal hat to retain body heat during the bath.

In conclusion, the attire for ice baths varies significantly depending on the setting. Outdoor ice baths call for specialised clothing to protect against the cold and potential hypothermia. In contrast, the controlled environment of a studio requires less specialised clothing, allowing you to focus more on comfort and ease. No matter where you choose to take your icy plunge, remember to prepare adequately, dress appropriately, and enjoy the chill!

Cold therapy via ice baths: A Refreshing Path to Wellness

ice bath or cold water therapy improves blood flow & blood vessels

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, has been used in various forms for thousands of years. Ice baths, in particular, have garnered much attention recently due to their potential physical and mental benefits. They involve immersing oneself in ice cold water for a certain amount of time, and can be a shock to the system at first, but with regular practice, your body can adapt to the cold temperatures, and you may start experiencing the benefits.

How Ice Baths Work

Ice baths operate on the principle of thermal stress. When your body is immersed in cold water, it undergoes a type of shock. The sudden drop in temperature causes your blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to the body’s extremities and directing it towards the vital organs to maintain the core body temperature.

Once you step out of the cold water, the blood vessels dilate, and blood rushes back to the skin and muscles. This process, known as vasoconstriction and vasodilation, results in a ‘pumping’ action in the circulatory system that can help flush out metabolic waste and deliver oxygen and nutrients more effectively.

Potential Benefits of Ice Baths

Ice baths have been associated with various potential benefits:

  1. Reduced Inflammation and Muscle Soreness: Cold temperatures can help reduce inflammation and swelling, which is particularly beneficial after intense physical activity. Therefore, athletes often use ice baths to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness post-workout.
  2. Improved Circulation: The process of vasoconstriction and vasodilation can enhance blood circulation, ensuring more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs.
  3. Enhanced Mood and Mental Resilience: Cold water therapy has been linked to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals. Taking ice baths regularly can also help build mental toughness and resilience.
  4. Improved Immune Response: Some research suggests that regular cold exposure could lead to an increase in white blood cells, improving the body’s immune response.

Safety and Precautions

While ice baths can be beneficial, they need to be approached with care. They can be a shock to the system, particularly for those not used to cold exposure. It’s essential to start gradually, perhaps with a cool shower, before progressing to full ice baths. Limit the duration of your first few sessions to just a few minutes and slowly increase as your body adapts.

People with certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, should avoid ice baths unless under medical supervision. If you feel overly uncomfortable or experience symptoms like numbness, difficulty breathing, or chest pain, it’s important to get out of the bath and warm up.


Cold therapy via ice baths can be a refreshing and beneficial practice for both physical and mental wellbeing. They can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, enhance mood, and potentially strengthen the immune system. However, like any therapy, it’s vital to approach it mindfully, listen to your body, and consider any potential health risks. If done correctly, you might just find that the chilling embrace of an ice bath leads you down a path of invigorating wellness.

Cold water immersion: Cold Water Immersion in a Professional Studio

Cold water immersion, or ice bath therapy, has garnered attention worldwide for its potential physical and mental benefits. Despite the surge in interest, however, the idea of intentionally submerging oneself in icy water remains daunting for many. But here’s the catch: with the guidance and supervision of a professional studio, what once seemed impossible and highly feared can become an empowering experience.

The Power of Cold Water Immersion

cold water therapy health benefits physical therapy intense training

The process of immersing the body in cold water has been linked to a variety of benefits:

  1. Physical Recovery and Health: Cold water immersion can help reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, making it a popular recovery method among athletes. Moreover, the process can improve blood circulation and potentially boost the immune response.
  2. Mental Resilience: Facing the cold requires mental fortitude. Overcoming the initial discomfort and fear can build mental strength and resilience, offering psychological benefits that extend far beyond the ice bath itself.
  3. Mood Enhancement: The intense sensation of cold water can stimulate the release of endorphins – the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals. This can result in a mood boost, often described as the ‘ice bath high.’

Advantages of a Professional Studio

cold bath improves blood flow lower body & upper body

While cold water immersion can be practiced independently, there are distinct advantages to beginning your journey in a professional studio:

  1. Safety: A professional studio ensures safety by controlling various factors such as water temperature and immersion duration. Trained personnel are present to guide you through the process, monitor your response, and intervene if necessary.
  2. Education: In a professional setting, you’ll learn the correct techniques and precautions, ensuring that you’re reaping maximum benefits while minimising any risks.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: Professional studios offer a comfortable environment with the necessary facilities for before and after the ice bath, such as warm showers and changing areas.
  4. Community Support: Joining a studio connects you with a community of like-minded individuals who can offer motivation and support, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

Making the ‘Impossible’ Possible

deep breathing ice bathing water colder

Here’s how a professional studio helps you navigate the seemingly ‘impossible’ journey of cold water immersion:

  1. Guidance: You’ll receive step-by-step guidance from experienced instructors, starting with a thorough introduction to cold water immersion, its benefits, and safety measures.
  2. Gradual Progression: You’ll begin with mild cold exposure and gradually increase in intensity, giving your body time to adapt.
  3. Personalised Approach: Each individual’s response to cold water is unique. In a professional studio, the process can be tailored to suit your comfort and fitness levels, ensuring that the experience is challenging but not overwhelming.
  4. Post-Immersion Care: After your ice bath, the focus will shift to warming up and reflecting on your experience. This is a crucial part of the process that aids in recovery and reinforces the psychological benefits.

Benefits of ice baths

With a klong list of health benefits which includes:

  • Active recovery (reduce soreness, )
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Better sleep
  • Improved well being
  • Muscle recovery after intense training session (muscle soreness, lactic acid, muscle damage etc)
  • Improve sports (endurance sports, competitive runner

Conquering the ice bath can be an incredibly empowering experience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, tests your mental strength, and leaves you feeling invigorated and triumphant. By choosing to embark on this journey in a professional studio, you not only ensure your safety and comfort but also set yourself up for a positive and rewarding experience. So, are you ready to embrace the chill and emerge more empowered than ever?

Book your cold water therapy/ cold bath with us today (we promise you more fun than trauma when you take an ice bath with us).

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