Become a cold exposure facilitator -Bali (UBUD)

Imagine blending the serenity of Bali’s lush landscapes with the invigorating powerful tools of cold…

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Imagine blending the serenity of Bali’s lush landscapes with the invigorating powerful tools of cold exposure therapy for daily life. Unlock unparalleled well-being and open the door to a booming sector in wellness tourism by becoming a certified Cold Exposure Facilitator in Indonesia’s paradise. Get ready to embark on a journey that will not only transform your life but also the lives of those seeking holistic health and vitality.

Training as an ice bath facilitator

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Undergoing training as an Ice Bath Facilitator is a rigorous but rewarding journey that marries the science of cryotherapy with the art of human well-being. As an aspiring facilitator, you’ll be equipped with an in-depth understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of cold exposure, enabling you to guide participants safely through a transformative experience. Your curriculum will cover essential components ranging from temperature control and safety protocols to mindfulness techniques, ensuring a holistic approach. This comprehensive training culminates in a certification that positions you at the forefront of an emerging field in wellness and holistic wellnss. Your role will be pivotal in creating empowering, rejuvenating experiences for individuals who seek not just to challenge their physical limits, but to elevate their overall quality of life.

What is covered during the 6 days course?

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Participants will take a deep dive to gain deeper understanding & knowledge in all the information with regards to cold therapy, from:

  • Atmospheric,

  • Breathing techniques (breathwork)

  • Practical application (for health conditions or performance)

  • Instructor Teaching skills

  • Facilitation skills

  • Stress management

  • Physical aspects

  • Emotional aspects

  • Improved sleep

  • Stay connected

  • Widen comfort zone

  • Mental clarity

  • & much more.

The course will allow participants to quickly practice & develop relevant experience during the facilitator training in daily group sessions to help deepen & create a shift in mindset through knowledge of cold therapy. The course has been specifically designed to help cold water immersion instructors learn both the science & art of helping people explore their own fullest potential & how this can carry over to everyday life with a renewed sense.

NOTE: This is not Wim hof method workshop, but a proprietary blend of breathing exercises/ breathwork, exercise science, sports medicine, & mindfulness(neuroscience) that is being taught and practiced.

Help others increase awareness of ice baths

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Empowering others to discover the transformative benefits of ice baths is more than just an educational endeavour—it’s a commitment to advancing holistic well-being. By increasing awareness about the physiological and psychological advantages of cold therapy, such as improved immune function and enhanced mental clarity, you become an agent of positive change. Your guidance can demystify the ice bath experience, encouraging more individuals to embrace this powerful wellness tool as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Make that first step & join our in-person training workshops in Bali

Develop your own practice, learn about various cultures, gain amazing support in the process, & gain tools to help anyone in the world. A highly recommended workshop if you want to explore & focus on the ability to teach breathing cold waters.

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